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Due Diligence & Marketing Services

Due Diligence Services

Organizing and reviewing the documentation and data involved in the due diligence process can be overwhelming whether you are selling or acquiring an asset. Our Team has experience with the due diligence process and are able to efficiently organize the seller's documentation for review of prospective buyers or to assist a potential buyer in analyzing the data provided by sellers. 

As business valuation experts, our Team is also able to assist in evaluating the value of any perspective purchase or acquisition and provide financial advice on additional matters that should be questioned or considered prior to completing the acquisition. 

Marketing Services

Through our experience in fiduciary and receivership matters, our Team has the experience necessary to assist or facilitate the marketing of assets for sale whether through bankruptcy, receivership or other non-litigation sales. Our Team has the ability to develop the necessary contact matrix of prospective purchasers as well as developing marketing materials and teasers for distribution to prospective purchasers. Our Team also has the ability to develop and maintain a virtual data room with the necessary organization needed to efficiently facilitate a successful sale process and provide assistance is developing any required term sheet or acquisition agreements necessary to the transaction.


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